Real estate designed for
teams and top producers. 

"We are a TEAM of recognized real estate leaders whose vision is to deliver an unsurpassed real estate experience for our customers, investors and to like-minded real estate entrepreneurs".    

How Much I will Pay  

You'll only pay $299.99 per deal E&O included in all residential transactions only until you reach cap and then you don't have to pay for the rest of the year.  

Production CAP

You will pay us 299.00 per transaction but only for the first 15 transactions every year.
Then no more transaction fee for the rest of the  year.     BEST DEAL for Top Producers 

Go Green, 100% paperless transactions

Our Agents have the most comprehensive Transaction Management System, armed with E- signature and Intelligent Document Sharing .

Profit Sharing Plan

When you, share the Company Vision, Culture and experience with other agents, and those agents decide to join our office, you'll collect $100.00 every time that agent closes a deal.

Same day commission

You don't have to wait 1,2 or 3 weeks to get paid.  Have your commission ready for you the same day or within 48 hour. Some restrictions may apply.  

Membership Fee

A $29.00 Dollars Office membership.  Office membership will grant you access to our office services, programs and more.   Add $10.00 more for your lead generation website. 


Hello, My name is Jose "Joey" Ortiz and I would like to welcome you to Property Outlet International.  Like I always say “the success of the company is the sum of the individual success of the agents in the firm, It’s all about the synergy created by all”

Real Estate Designed For Teams And Top Producers

You want to have full access to our Systems, Technology and Synergy Today !!!

$299.00 Per Deal

A transaction fee of $299.00 Dollars will be collect from the agent in all residential transaction until reach Cap.  E&O included.

you can pay the transaction fee or pass it to your clients, you decide, but only until you reach the production cap.  see next

Profit Sharing Plan

- Earn residual Income from your personally sponsored agents even if you don't sell a property during the cycle.
- Earn residual income from 2 additional generations 
- There in no limit in the amount of people you can refer to our office as part of your Sponsored agents
- $100.00 USD On every closed transaction from every personally sponsored agent.  Generation 1
- $50.00 USD On every closed transaction from someone in your 2nd Generation
- $25.00 USD On every closed transaction from someone in your 3rd  Generation


Production Cap. 

A production Cap of $4,500.00 Dollars on residential transaction will be set on the first day of each year as the maximum Company Dollar the agent will share with Property Outlet International on every fiscal year.

GO GREEN with Paperless Transactions 

Dot Loop is the most comprehensive Transaction Management System, is armed with E- signature, smart sharing within all the parties in the transaction.  Easy, fast and efficient with cutting edge technology for busy Agents.

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Adam Rachid
Lic. Real Estate Agent

2017 3rd PLACE

 "My name is Adam Rachid and I have been a licensed realtor since 2000.  I have been working the Joey Ortiz, our broker, since 2005 and I was one of the first agents to transfer to Property Outlet int. since its first month of existence in 2009. Working with Joey and the team we have has been a true delight and I would not change it for anything. The support I get, the understanding and most of all the continued assistance in every step of the process is what is keeping me with this dynamic group. Viva Property Outlet " 

Wajid Mohamed
Lic.  Real Estate Agent

"Since I have been with Property Outlet International my business has grown.  The training provides the latest trend in marketing plans that allows me the opportunity to grow my client base.  Jose Ortiz is very knowledgeable and is always available when called for advice or direction. "

Alba Alvarado
Lic.  Real Estate Agent

"Since I have been with Property Outlet International my business has grown.  The training provides the latest trend in marketing plans that allows me the opportunity to grow my client base.  Jose Ortiz is very knowledgeable and is always available when called for advice or direction. "

Christina Laidley
Lic. Real Estate Agent

 "Buying a home in Florida can be the most exciting time of your life but it can also be very stressful. Dealing with paperwork from different people such as your loan officer, title-company, and your appraiser alone could enhance your stress level, but having a knowledgeable and competent real estate agent working for you could make your life less stressful. Property Outlet International features great agents that stay positive, work hard, and make it happen. Needing someone you can trust for up-to-date information and helping you find your dream home at the right price is what I am here for." 

Angie Pineiro
Lic. Real Estate Agent

2017 3rd PLACE

 "I have been a Realtor with property Outlet Int since 06/27/2014, and I can assure I'm happy that I was recommended to bring my license here. I have seen POInt improve and move forward along with this changing market. Property Outlet Int for me is more than a company, they are the support, teachers, motivators, and even that accountability that we sometimes need. Above all, they are that family that you are not born with but that you get to choose. Thank you Jose & Andrea for all your help through these years! Happy 3rd Anniversary to me" 

Geny Laracuente
Lic. Real Estate Agent

"I originally started my real estate career in the late 80's with a custom builder. From there I moved to a Century21 office and took their training. Over the years since I have been to several brokerages some with as little compensation to the agent at 33% to start up to an 80/20 split. POI has been the first 100% commission office that doesn't nickel and dime you to death in fees, and yet still maintains a local office. The broker at POI not only has experience, but he is always looking for new knowledge to help his agents grow. I know no other (and trust me, I looked) 100% office that has a cooperating broker that really cares, a great office staff and location and one that wants to nurture a family like atmosphere between its agents."


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